Anxiety Flood Cont.

by Justin Marc Lloyd



released August 21, 2013



all rights reserved


Rainbow Bridge Chicago, Illinois

a lil weird music label

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Track Name: Declarative//Interrogative
will they accept my venture to a bleak night protected by a small box in a big field where pangaea birthed our one-ness // two stems at the same time // one must condescend // one will offer blue prints // the police are here // the one passed by vaginal walls late in the day in 1984 // my monitor and devices aren't connected but i'll bring you in for questioning // suggesting responses like probing and trapping // i don't want any anchors or weapons // my subconscious may be hurling them around and two of my eyes are seeing every paranormal hallucination in petty days of borders and control but there is a level i can reach peace and i'm all dry now
Track Name: Approval Ratings
isn't that right, honey? // didn't we, ralph? // contraceptives unavailable // sea to shining sea of grand rapids of washes of afraid // submitted applications // no crystal stance provided // decode the movements of the letterless-ness of vibrations // the eyes and ears tell of inner cores but outer cares are just slaves so get your sleep // seek it easy // tomorrow is more immaterial than trivia and trivia portrays no value // from sea to shining sea to all the plastic washes of afraid // correct yourself out loud // practice new balance // there is a middle kingdom // there is a gray life that i'm far from // knowing about the closer it vibrates, the more strands spiders leave in my head
Track Name: Libra Tears
oversight, lousy cook, gauché, accident prone, meticulous with one hand firmly grasping up-to-date maturity // SKUs extending and wrapping around the earth like intestines // week after week of poison ingesting for quick cheap inner-joy // my self portrait is unclear // i have balance to achieve // i can't see shit // not mechanical // frigid // short-fused but my nose is buried in books and uncanny knacks for intellectualizing and teaching my equals like i ever had a scale that didn't topple over with libra tears